In the industry the applications are uncountable. We solve accretion, lime scale, bacteria, obstructions, odor, etc ... treatment of kilometres piping, storage tanks, pump houses, water treatment installations, safety showers, filters, storage basins, plate coolers, nebulizers, spray systems, cooling with water from the automatization, cooling of blast furnaces,....

Every liquid leaves a biofilm. It is this biofilm that is the base on which accretion, chalk and bacteria attach. This leads to obstructions, narrowing of the diameter of the pipes, cracks in the pipes, corrosion, clamping of the valve, ..

We always return to the same : we reduce the maintenance costs and the continuity of the production processes are guaranteed.

For every approach, NDV Ultrasonic will examine thoroughly and make an analysis, as every project has its own requirements.

We go far ... We have a lot of transducers ready in which we can determine the frequency adapted to your project. BUT .. when it is not available, we return to the drawing board and create one.

This is how our gamma 'high frequent ultrasonic' is originated.

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Nick De Vos

For both plants and livestock, there are problems with water supply, is it for irrigation, or drinking water pipes, it doesn't matter, there are problems. Algae and bacteria are therefore not far away, and problems pile up very quickly.                    NDV Ultrasonic can play a major role in solving most problems without chemicals. With our own developed High Frequency Systems, we can attack these algae, bacteria, etc. without affecting the plants or animals, our installations can also not damage your installations.

With an installation of NDV Ultrasonic you have the advantage of:

- Less bacteria in spraying installations

- Less algae on your pipe coolers or in your plate     coolers

- Less algae in open water reservoirs and bassins

- Pipes and collection of drinking water without     sticky limescale

- No limescale in long drinking water pipes

- Filters are blocked less

- No fuel bacteria in your fuel tanks

- No bacteria in your water tanks (above or               below ground)

- Less fuel or electricity consumption

- More economical, less chance of leakage in the     installation

- Fewer emissions, so better for the environment

- Work and cost savings

The NDV Ultrasonic installation pays for itself in the short term.

NDV Ultrasonic only has advantages and no disadvantages for humans, animals and the environment.

We can mean a lot for seagoing as well as for inland vessels.

With our High frequent Ultrasonic Transducers we remove algae, shells, smallpox and bacteria, etc.

We can help on :

  • Hull
  • Box coolers
  • Ballast tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Diesel tanks
  • Sanitary
  • Complete piping

The result of our treatments is that the maintenance costs drop enormously!

The hull

We equip the hull with our transducers .               A calculation of the surface of the hull is needed to set up the division of the transducers. We work with industrial pvc boxes to store the head boxes, according the section of the vessel.

When the hull stays clean, it glides easier through the water and the fuel costs will visibly reduce. Between 5 and 8%.

Box coolers

The box cooler is one of the main components of the ship. When it fails, navigating is not possible anymore and going in dry dock is mostly the only solution. These costs are high.

NDV Ultrasonic is specialized in keeping the box coolers clean with High frequent ultrasonic,


Even LT or HT is no problem for us, we even handle sea chest at once.

We work worldwide, in all ports, on all kind of coolers : box coolers or plate coolers

You can also notice a difference in the filtration of the installation.

We certainly make a difference in your maintenance costs here !

Ballast tanks

The ballast tanks of a vessel are filled with seawater, on the location of the ship at that moment. When those vessels come to Europe, this ballast water can not be discharged where ever. An external firm needs to measure the life in the tanks. The water needs to be removed and treated by a cleaning firm.

This gives you an extra cost.

We, NDV Ultrasonic, can solve this by using the high frequent Ultrasonic as they kill the life in the ballast tanks. This means the water can be removed on the spot : Costs and time reducing !

Water tanks and Sanitary

We also treat the water tanks by killing the bacteria of legionella. So this cannot multiply or develop anymore within your tanks or piping. This contributes to the general health of the crew.

Here we also use High frequent Ultrasonic with its own frequency.

Diesel tanks

In the diesel tanks, a bacteria can develop and multiply. This is called the diesel bacteria. It settles itself in the service pipes an blocks the diesel filter. If this happens, the engines shut down and navigating is not possible anymore : the fear of every captain.

NDV Ultrasonic can solve this for you as well : by using the High frequent Ultrasonic.


Within the piping plaque from chalk can arise. This can reduce the diameter of the pipe, and in the worst case it can obstruct. Not only chalk, but also bacterial colonies can occur.

Even this we solve, no problem, we can !

As you can state, NDV can solve a lot onboard.


Feel free to ask for a visit within you company so we can analyze and make you a tailor made quotation.

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​Nick De Vos