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Our new member at NDV Ultrasonic is the Ultrasonic installation for your home.

This can be used on your boiler, hot and cold water pipes.

This prevents limescale and bacteria from forming on the walls of your water installation, so your boiler and pipes will live much longer, you save money because the burner has to work less, and it is still good for your health and the environment.

This installation can be adapted in various forms according to your installation at home.

The transducers can be installed on the pipe, with a pipe clamp, or on the boilerhouse itself, which is then glued to the boiler house itself (so not on the outside of the boiler, because that is where the insulation is of course).

Because the biofilm is broken down by our NDV Ultrasonic installation, limescale no longer sticks to the insides of the pipes, and the bacteria can no longer colonize in your installation.

So : - Your installation stays clean inside, and lasts much longer!

- Because no bacteria (legionella) can develop, it is also healthier for humans and animals.

- If no more limescale sticks to your boiler, your burner will fire less, so you save gas, electricity or oil.

- If your burner fires less, there are also fewer emissions, so you also save the environment!

Your installation will pay for itself in the long run, so no more reasons not to purchase NDV Ultrasonic.

Call us for a quote, we will be happy to visit you.

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In case you have a swimming pool, jacuzzi or pond, I do not have to tell you that accretion of algae, slippery green walls and floor can occur.

This happens by the water in combination with warmth and light... a perfect cocktail and recipe for algae.

I guess you can miss them! This can be done by chemicals, but then they disappear temporarily.

NDV Ultrasonic makes them disappear forever, and........... without chemicals !

But how .....

We tackle the cause, not the effect. 

But what exactly is the cause?

Water creates a biofilm, the so-called slippery layer that water leaves on walls, ... this slippery layer is the basic adhesive layer on which algae and bacteria develop.

With our High frequent Ultrasonic devices, we tackle this biofilm.

Eg. In a swimming pool we place a floating transducer in one of the corners, which spreads out the Ultrasonic frequency. This frequency is completely harmless for humans and animals. But it destroys the biofilm that creates the accretion.

In (swimming) ponds it may happen we need more transducers to achieve the result.

When the algae are gone, the water will be much clearer, and your plants and fish will only get better.

We also treat the hot water boiler, water collector, pipes to avoid chalk and corrosion.  The costs of the heating will drop down and the installation itself stays clean. So, less risks on pipe breaks or cracks, or on bacteria in the tap or shower.

We look forward to visit you and see what our devices can solve for you.

Send us a mail on or give us a call 0032 475 299 288.

For the recreational Marine, we developed specific High Frequent Ultrasonic Transducers which are glued at the inn-side of the hull.

We calculate 1 transducer per 11 meter underwatership, in case this is longer, we need to place a second one, this calculation continues according to the total length.

The transducers are connected to a control box which heads it.

This control box can be placed anywhere in the ship. Mostly it depends on the trail of the cables.

The box needs a voltage of 230V network power, always running when you are ashore. But don't worry,

The transducer consumes only 6 watt, which is very low.

In case you do not have network power available in the harbor or quay, we can work via a distributor that switches between 12V-24V and 230V.

In case it switches to the battery, we install a security so that the device is turned off when the power drops under 11,8V. to avoid the device to drain the battery.

We always deliver the specific needed glue that must be used to install the transducer. All other glues you can find on the market will not work as they will not pass the high frequent ultrasonic Some glues even block the passage, so the installation will not work.

You can easily install the device yourself. In case you do, we pass by to approve and grant you the guarantee.

We can also equip the screw drive rod with a wiper to clean the propeller

This is a separate installation independently of the transducers we apply for the hull.

Questions ?

No problem, mail or call me 0032 475 299 288

Nick De Vos